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Great Games, Great Food, at the same time!?

Board Game Night @ Salt City Market is meant for both new and experienced gamers! We love to learn new games and share our favorites with others. If you have any games you’re super excited about or just have a hankering to play, please bring them along! If not, no worries, there are usually a good selection to play from. Food options below!

The Market has it’s own parking lot, and there is side street parking as well. Refer to the market website for more details on location/parking.

Salt City Market Vendors: https://saltcitymarket.com/vendors/

If you’d like to chat with us before hand, join our discord! https://discord.gg/ac2F8y8


As we are still adhering to restrictions due to covid please only attend if you are comfortable with the location and setting. As with any public space, there can be a risk, so keep that in mind as well. We will be keeping an eye on how each event goes and adjust things as needed. Please be kind and respectful during these initial meetups as we get settled in.

* * Rules and Guidelines * *
– Please refer to the Market and local rules regarding masks and vaccinations.
– No outside food or drink is allowed in the marketplace (food bought in the market may be taken into the event space)
– Be packed up and ready to exit the event space by 8:45 sharp
– Be respectful of the space and clean up any messes you make

If anyone has any questions on the rules, event space, etc.. please comment below.

SSOG Guidelines:

Salt City Market Safety Info:

Jun 24


Jun 24, 2024


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