We love bringing people together – it’s why we built this place – but right now we need to be extra thoughtful about how we gather. Opening during a global crisis made for some sleepless nights, but we’re lucky to have had some lead time to design for this moment and compare notes with existing food halls across the country. 

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • We’re operating with 50% indoor dining capacity.
  • Masks are optional for vaccinated patrons, but are still required for those who are unvaccinated.
  • We’re requiring all contractors (regardless of vaccination status) to wear masks throughout the hall, and encouraging our vendors to wear them, as well.
  • Building with clean air in mind, using the latest in HVAC and air filtration technologies 
  • Building big: Wide open indoor spaces + 22 foot high ceilings + big outdoor dining zones 
  • Selecting furniture with antimicrobial + easily cleanable surfaces  
  • Hosting classes with our Health Department so vendors stay on top of evolving best practices
  • Devoted janitorial team, cleaning surfaces as soon as you depart your table
  • Regular Clorox 360 Electrostatic treatment throughout the hall
  • Providing sanitizer at all of our bussing stations


We like our planet. It’s definitely the best one.  But we all need to be better at keeping the place clean.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Every business in the market separates food waste – meat, veggie rinds, eggshells and everything listed here – to be picked up for composting.
  • Dining in? Every food stall offers reusable plates & silverware.  Just ask for them with your order.
  • Dining out? Swing by the Coop Grocery and join our Reusable Takeout Container program for just $10.  Bring your RTC every time you visit the market.  We’ll give you a fresh, clean one and wash your used RTC in our industrial dishwasher at 180 degrees.  It’s as safe for you as it is for our fab planet [earth emoji].