We love bringing people together – it’s why we built this place – but right now we need to be extra thoughtful about how we gather. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • All Market staff & contractors are strongly recommended to wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Independent businesses & guests within the market are highly encouraged to do the same, even if vaccinated.
  • Building with clean air in mind, using the latest in HVAC and air filtration technologies 
  • Building big: Wide open indoor spaces + 22 foot high ceilings + big outdoor dining zones 
  • Selecting furniture with antimicrobial + easily cleanable surfaces  
  • Devoted janitorial team, cleaning surfaces as soon as you depart your table
  • Providing sanitizer at all of our entrances

We like our planet. It’s definitely the best one.  But we all need to be better at keeping the place clean.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Every business in the market separates food waste – meat, veggie rinds, eggshells and more – to be picked up for composting.
  • The Syracuse Cooperative Market donates food past it’s “Best By” date to local food pantries in order to both cut down on landfill waste and feed our local community.
  • Dining in? Every food stall offers reusable plates & silverware.  Just ask for them with your order.
  • Dining out? Click the link below and join our Reusable Takeout Container program for just $5. Pick up your card at The Life retail store near the security desk and start saving the planet!

Reusable takeout container program

our solution to the disposable plastic problem

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