Erma’s Island




Open Wednesday-Monday, 11AM-9PM (5PM on Sundays)

Closed Tuesdays


(315) 857-8125

Erma’s Island serves fresh, authentic Jamaican food, along with our own original dishes inspired by our time in Syracuse.

Latoya migrated to America from Jamaica at age 19, determined to establish a better life for herself and her family. Opening up a restaurant featuring outstanding Jamaican cuisine had been a lifelong dream- and is soon to be a reality.

Mama Erma is proud! She is Latoya’s maternal grandmother who planted the seed for a love of cooking and culinary arts deep within her soul. She sets the example how to delight diners with savory, and traditional Jamaican food.

Latoya began cooking at the age of eight. She had watched with gripping curiosity and fascination as her storied and talented grandfather- a celebrated cook in Jamaica-enticed generations of food lovers. Latoya’s mother continued the tradition and passed it on to her. The eldest of nine siblings, Latoya found them to be a welcoming and ready-made clientele upon which to practice her culinary gifts.

Latoya prioritizes exceptional, flavorful and authentic foods from Jamaica and the Caribbean.


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