– Urban Brews With A View: 9 places to grab a drink outdoors in Syracuse

Outdoor seating at the Salt City Market in downtown Syracuse. (Charlie Miller |

Address: 484 S. Salina St. (at the Salt City Market)

The view: This 24,000-square-foot food court opened in January 2021. Downtown was still pretty silent due to the pandemic, but this market came along and offered us a culinary respite of 11 restaurants serving with food from Thailand, Jamaica, Burma, Iraq, Vietnam and the American South. Maria White Metthe and her husband, Aaron, own the bar that serves fancy coffee in the morning and craft beer and booze in the afternoon. About 10 steps away from those draft beer lines is a vast outdoor patio that sits in the shadows of the historic Marriott Syracuse Downtown.

As offices cleared out for lunch on Wednesday, the market’s courtyard between Salina and Clinton streets filled up. It’s got 21 tables, a fire pit surrounded with a couple benches and six Adirondack chairs with armrests big enough to hold my snifter full of a Meier’s Creek EZ PZ Lemon Squeezy sour beer ($7).

“This isn’t what I expected at all,” one woman in town for a job interview said to her prospective employer. “This is impressive.”

Welcome to Syracuse.”

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