Is there anything better than watching people cook for you? Join us for a cozy afternoon at the Market as Steve and Lexi prepare and talk you through their preparation of Riboletta, a classic comforting Tuscan soup. The word “ribollita” translates from the Italian to “reboiled,” as this soup was typically made by reboiling leftover bean and vegetable soups the next day, adding bits of stale bread for a thicker and more filling stew. This soup is a classic for a reason, it’s great for using up stray veg in your fridge, stale bread, and parmesan rinds. It freezes well, and it’s a great recipe to have in your pocket for a rainy day! Come have some soup with us!


About your instructors: Steve and Lexi are professional vegetarians based in Syracuse, NY. Together they operate Sweetland, an occasional dinner party in which they share stories and serve vegetarian dishes inspired by West African foodways. They live in Eastwood with their four obligate carnivores.



Mar 3

Zuppa di Ribollita with Steve and Lexi— Chefs Table Series

Mar 3, 2024


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