WILD FORAGED RECIPE DEVELOPMENT: An introduction into unique and locally available seasonal fruits and vegetables. Discussions about sustainable harvesting practices, and some ideas on how to work with wild edibles in your kitchens. We will most likely be creating a simple berry crumble bar made with a stovetop jam, and a quick beurre noisette (whipped brown butter) with frozen ramps or garlic scapes to enjoy on some fresh bread from the bakery, depending on what local products our wonderful partners at the Syracuse Urban Food Forest Project are able to help us source that day.


About your Instructor: Corey is a Syracuse-based baker. He is passionate about using natural leavening and freshly milled heirloom whole grains to provide nourishing breads and pastries for the local community. He and his team operate out of Brady Market on the west side of Syracuse, with products available at the CNY regional market on Saturday mornings as well at cafes, restaurants, and grocers around town mid week.


TICKETS: https://kitchenliteracyproject.org/class-signup/ola/services/wild-foraged-recipe-development-with-breadhead-coery

Mar 3

Wild Foraged Recipe Development with Corey

Mar 3, 2024


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