What Are Macros and Why Do They Count? Diets are designed to fail and that’s exactly why they’re so profitable. It’s time to ditch the diets for good and finally achieve your health and wellness goals. In this class you’ll learn what macros are, how to calculate yours and the importance of logging and tracking your food as you work towards your health and wellness goals. Additionally you’ll leave class with a variety of lunches prepped and ready to go for the work week that are tailored towards macro nutrients.


About your Instructor: Chad Putney is an ISSA certified trainer at RevFit in N. Syr. with a specialization in group fitness which he’s done for the last three and a half years along with his private one on one training. “Over the last two years I have jumped into learning as much as I can about the important role of nutrition alongside physical activity and it’s been a total game changer for me, both in the way I look and feel, as well as in my ability to perform in the gym. I now follow a macros based nutrition plan and have used macros to help me achieve my fitness goals which have included dropping body fat, increasing muscle mass and maintaining my weight. I’m passionate about helping others do the same and to realize just what our bodies are capable of! I look forward to sharing what I know with you all!” -Chad

TICKETS: https://kitchenliteracyproject.org/class-signup/ola/services/intro-to-macronutrients-and-menu-prep

Mar 10

What Are Macros and Why Do They Count? Intro to Macros and Menu Prep with Chad Putney and Joel Diaz-Wheeler

Mar 10, 2024


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