Join Megan Rydzak Owner of vegan bakery Fatcat Baking, as we dive into the Jewish holiday of Purim. During this class participants will learn how to make Hamantaschen cookies. You will learn how to make a vegan cookie dough, roll it out and properly cut out, fill and shape Hamantaschen. At the end of class, we will dive into how Jews celebrate Purim, and why these little cookies pack such a big punch, not to mention why they look like a triangle. Bring home your cookies at the end of class as well as a recipe to make them in the comfort of your own home to really impress your friends!


About your Instructor: Founded in January 2020, Fatcat Baking was started as Megan and her husband Alex began to change their lifestyle to be more plant-based to challenge outdated notions of how vegan dessert looks and tastes. Their goal is to make vegan pastry accessible to everyone, from vegans to the veg curious. They were growing tired of gatekeepers, food shamers, and negative stigmas and wanted to create a safe space for food, body and mind. Since their start, They have placed an emphasis on being good to one another and coming forward with an open heart to their community with love and delicious pastry.



Mar 19

Vegan Hamantaschen Cookie Making with Fatcat Baking

Mar 19, 2024


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