Join Talkrot’s Adam Carlin and Chef Brody Mapes for a 3-course tasting menu featuring Talkrot’s gourmet mushrooms. We’ll learn about the process of growing mushrooms, cooking with gourmet mushrooms, and the health benefits of mushrooms, while enjoying a delicious meal together.

About your Instructors: Chef Brody Mapes is a native of Rochester, NY who has been in the restaurant industry for 15 years. He has worked at popular hot spots in New York, such as Dinosaur BBQ (Rochester, NY) and Kindred Fare (Geneva, NY), as well as Michelin-starred restaurants in Brooklyn, NYC, and has trained under world-renowned French chefs and run several restaurants himself. While in Washington, DC, he worked as a sous chef at a Michelin-recommended restaurant, learning traditional techniques from Italian pasta experts, known as “sfoglinas”. Now the chef of BrewGrub (an affiliate of Willow Rock Brewing Company) in Syracuse, NY, Chef Mapes brings his years of skill, appreciation for technique, and passion for teaching to the Kitchen Literacy Project.

TALKROT is a gourmet mushroom farm in Tully, NY, that brings together mushrooms and the arts through collaboration, culture, and community. They offer mushroom grow kits designed by a select cohort of artists and designers; fresh gourmet mushrooms at local markets and restaurants across Central New York; and their food insecurity program utilizes mushrooms to improve nutrition, enhance overall health, and promote economic empowerment for communities in New York State.

Photo credit: Sara Vertino

Apr 30

The Mushroom Feast with Talkrot Mushroom Farm and Chef Brody Mapes

Apr 30, 2024


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