Calling all honey enthusiasts! Welcome to the Honey Lab, an interactive workshop where you’ll transform raw honey into an explosion of flavor with Bob Holden-Betts of Hobe Honey. In this class, you’ll delve into the fascinating world of honey infusions, learning to create exquisite honey variations using flavors like Zingy Ginger and Bright Citrus. Bob is a beekeeping expert, and his company, HoBe Honey, makes delicious honey infusions, which he’ll pair with gourmet bread and other charcuterie items during the class. Join your classmates in discovering how to elevate your tea and culinary experiences using infused honey. We’re also happy to be able to send each participant home with two unique infused honey samples to share or savor.


About your Instructor: Bob is the Head Apiculturist at HoBe Honey in Baldwinsville, NY. He started beekeeping 8 years ago and has become a honey aficionado partnering with many local businesses to create a unique small batch honey experience.

Apr 7

The Honey Lab with Bob Holden-Betts of Hobe Honey

Apr 7, 2024


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