Sweetland Junkissa is a by-reservation popup restaurant by Nigerian-American cook and performer Steve Ali. At each event, Steve serves food that honors both his West African roots and the impacts of European colonization on that region, and mashes up American convenience food with Japanese pub food to create beautiful bastards. Guests are invited to participate too, by talking openly about their own cultural backgrounds as they share their meal.

Sweetland is an opportunity to explore your personal narrative and its connection to bigger issues alongside likeminded people, and to do it all through the lens of food. It’s a chance to dive deep with best friends you’ve just met, with your favorite bartender there to ease the conversation.

Not all histories are easy to stomach. But at Sweetland, you’ll always have a glass of something light to wash the heavy stuff down. Come ready to listen and learn, but also bring questions to ask, and your own story to tell—and of course, come ready to eat!

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TICKETS: https://bit.ly/3uJYeqA

Oct 17

Sweetland @ Salt City Market

Oct 17, 2021


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