Syracuse will get its first dose of big city excitement when the Salt City Summerfest kicks off on Tuesday July 26th, as a part of Artsweek and will bring street entertainment to downtown Syracuse that will last until Saturday, July 30.
The events will focus on support for the sidewalk dining areas of downtown during peak weekend times from 5:30 to 8:00 pm,
lunch hour concerts at noon for downtown residents and workers in Perseverance Park at South Salina and Fayette streets, and in keeping with their 25-year history of providing America’s art form to the city, jazz and funk options at the Marriott Syracuse Downtown’s patio. There are two strolling routes where artists will rove about serenading sidewalk dining areas one by one.
The west route includes stops at Pastabilities, Kitty Hoynes, Funk n’ Waffles, Al’s Wine & Whiskey Lounge, and the Modern Malt/Sky Armory alley. The east route includes The Fish Friar, Otro Cinco, A Mano, and Luna Loca on Columbus Circle, the former Mission Restaurant.


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Jul 30

Salt City Summerfest 2022

Jul 30, 2022


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