Craft homemade bubbly beverages with your very own ginger bug! The ginger bug is a powerhouse of a natural fermentation starter practically teeming with friendly bacteria and yeast. In this class, our fermentation expert, Avalon, will show you how to unlock a world of refreshing, gut-healthy drinks. The ginger bug is a deceptively simple concoction of ginger, sugar, and water, but as the bug ferments, it creates a natural fizz with a touch of tang – a little bit of microscopic magic perfect for homemade sodas! The health benefits of using a ginger bug to create your own drinks include: – Healthy Probiotics – Anti-inflammatory Properties – Customizable Flavors In recent years, dozens of new healthy soda companies have popped up in our grocery stores, but what if you could make these same drinks at home for a fraction of the cost? Join fermentation expert, Avalon, as she teaches you to make your own ginger ales and naturally flavored sodas using fruits and herbs. She’ll walk you through how to tailor your beverages using different fruits, herbs, and spices. You’ll leave this interactive workshop with the skills to cultivate your own ginger bug, create delicious fizzy drinks, and impress your friends and family with your newfound skills (flexing your homemade sodas on Instagram is highly encouraged). About your Instructor: Avalon Gupta VerWiebe grew up in Syracuse NY before moving to Louisville KY, and then returning to Syracuse as an adult. She currently works as the Equity, Inclusion, and Engagement Manager at the Syracuse-Onondaga Food Systems Alliance, a coalition working to increase food access in Syracuse, Onondaga County, and Onondaga Nation. Avalon fell in love with food preservation as a means of increasing food sovereignty as a freshman in college and currently teaches classes at Liverpool Public Library as well as across the city of Syracuse.

Apr 7

Master the Art of Ginger Bugs with Fermentation Expert Avalon Gupta VerWiebe

Apr 7, 2024


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