A Valentine’s cooking class for couples is a delightful and interactive experience designed to enhance the romantic bond through the art of cooking. Price is per couple.

Benefits of a Valentine’s Cooking Class:

  • Bonding Time: Couples get to spend quality time together in a unique and engaging activity.
  • Communication: Cooking together fosters communication and teamwork.
  • Memorable Experience: The shared experience of creating a special meal becomes a cherished memory.
  • New Skills: Participants leave with improved cooking skills and the confidence to recreate the dishes at home.

Students are encouraged to wear apron or clothes that can get a little messy, put on sneakers (no sandals, please), and bring a knife they feel confident using. Students will enjoy the meal they cook at the end of class.


TICKETS: https://www.pinkpineapplecooking.com/product/Couplescookingclass/76?cp=true&sa=false&sbp=false&q=false&category_id=9

Feb 14

Love in the Kitchen- Valentine’s Day Celebration with Pink Pineapple Cooking

Feb 14, 2024


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