School is out for the summer, the weather is hot and the boredom is heavy. But 8-year-old Sheila and her pack of pals aren’t going to let the summer heat wear them down. When their fantastical junkyard fort draws the attention of a walking, talking, surprisingly well-dressed coyote, the adventurers suddenly find themselves deep in the desert, facing The Council of Howls, The Sting Brigade, The Death Cactus and much more. It’s a whirlwind adventure about how we affect the environment and the animals with whom we share the planet, and how we take on the mission of saving the world from ourselves. A unique twist on traditional storytelling, where a bit of moonlight brings a menagerie of found objects to life, this original play shows the power of memory and imagination and will captivate and inspire audiences of all ages.

Captivate your students’ imagination by inviting Shelia and the Bank of America Children’s Tour into your learning space for a virtual performance. Recommended for grades 2 through 6. Classroom study guides are provided prior to each performance to enhance student learning.

Available for virtual tour October 6, 2021, through June 30, 2022. Live performances available weekends in October.

Oct 2

Girl Who Swallowed A Cactus with Syracuse Stage

Oct 2, 2021


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