This fun educational workshop invites children from different age groups and their adult companions to participate in a shared learning experience. Activities offer families the opportunity to reflect on their cultural heritage and the chance for families to create their unique works of art together.

First, Nada Odeh will do a presentation about art and architecture in Damascus, her hometown, and about Syracuse. What does it mean to bring different cultures into a new city? The mural she created in Westcott street, bringing home to Syracuse. Asking participants to mention one thing they like about home or where they are from.

Next, in about one hour and 15 minutes, participants will create their own artwork based on their memories of home, it’s either an object, a place, or an event they liked, telling a story of their own experience through art and creating collage art with recycled materials. Each person can write with their own language.

Suggested donation of $5 per participant.

Jul 11

Community and Color: Lets Make Art Together

Jul 11, 2021


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