Breaking down the basic components of the natural leavening (aka wild yeast or sourdough) process. Working with freshly stone milled whole grain flour to mix, shape, and bake a personalized loaf of focaccia. Learn to ‘read’ the dough, combining intuition with a few industry tricks. We will have a few toppings/mix-ins such as sautéed onions, herbs, cherry tomatoes etc. to hold you down, but we encourage you to get creative and bring a little of any other ingredients that float your boat! See what you have kicking around at home, perhaps olives, cheeses, pesto, sausage, cured meats, roasted veg, anchovies, or tasty seeds? Perhaps even edible flowers if you’re feeling like doing it for the gram! (ugh- I hate that I just said that.)


About your Instructor: Corey, lead baker & founder. Bread Head Bakery Corey is a Syracuse-based baker. He is passionate about using natural leavening and freshly milled heirloom whole grains to provide nourishing breads and pastries for the local community. He and his team operate out of Brady Market on the west side of Syracuse, with products available at the CNY regional market on Saturday mornings as well at cafes, restaurants, and grocers around town mid week.



Mar 17

Baking by Feel, not by Formula

Mar 17, 2024


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