Taste some Lao cooking! The Lao Food Show brings a sense of Lao history through a cooking demo along with the country’s most culturally popular dish, Laap Gai. We’ll talk through the history of the Lao food culture and its influences from the neighboring countries.

It’s going to be as authentic as it gets. That means sticky rice, fermented fish sauce called padak, and extremely fragrant herbs that will make your nose zing.

Show up because you like funky delicious food, join because you want your taste buds to dance, and come because you want to spice up your food life.

Tickets are limited due to kitchen space. Grab yours quickly.

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Laap Gai is a delicious savory and herbaceous chicken salad that is slightly spicy, yet refreshing from the fresh dill, spring onions, and cilantro, all tossed in a citrusy umami vinaigrette.

Forget the forks and spoons. Shape sticky rice into whatever your heart desires; be it a spoon, a mini bowl or dinosaur, before you dip and scoop up this delectable chicken delight. When was the last time you were allowed to play with your food?! At the Lao Food Show, fun time is yum time!

So come grab a drink at the Salt City Bar and learn about the Lao cultural history through a food demo, a tasting of the dish, and with a side of surprise! You’ll leave with a recipe in hand and eager to recreate the experience in your own home. See you there!


***If there’s any technical issues with purchasing an eventbrite ticket, or to notify of food allergens, please feel free to reach out to me at vekonda@vekonda.com.***

***Dish contains shellfish, fish, and glutenous rice


About the Lao chef:

Vekonda Luangaphay, founder of The Lao Project, will be sharing Lao food recipes and techniques straight from her Lao heritage and her momma’s kitchen. This class is The Lao Food Project’s effort to preserve Lao culture in the U.S. by bringing America’s attention to authentic Lao cuisine by way of food shows, dinner parties, and cooking classes in the hopes of making Lao food become more mainstream. The Lao Food Project is an initiative of The Lao Project (link to www.vekonda.com/laoproject).

Sep 3

Lao Food Show

Sep 3, 2022


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